Flight Connection

Airports are places full of people. People of different cultures. People of different race, age and gender. All on an unique journey Recently, I was in the Chicago airport and had an experience that caused me to reflect on building community. 45 minutes until boarding time, I sat in my seat and typed on my... Continue Reading →

The Power of a Story

I finished another successful training. I'm very fortunate to work doing what I love, working with people to change our mindset about poverty. I came home to my family after a long day that included a poverty simulation with community leaders. Most evenings, I debrief with my husband and he asks the typical question "How... Continue Reading →

A Radical Approach to Community

If anyone were to put on their business card, “Enabler of Radical Alliances”, it might be interesting to see how many job offers and fond associations it would elicit. This is not as “out there” at all, especially if you are interested in social change. Radical looks like the word “radish” for a reason. It... Continue Reading →

Together = More

“If you want to go far, go together. If you want to go fast, go alone.” – African Proverb One cool morning… It’s an overcast October day in 2010. It’s a little cool and the clouds are a touch foreboding. I feel a knot of expectant and nervous energy in my stomach. Why? Because it’s... Continue Reading →

From Isolation to Determination

Human life is multi-dimensional. One way for people to evaluate their life and evolve is to explore the Five Dimensions. Imagine the Five Dimensions as a tire or wheel. The size and maturity of each dimension will determine the balance of your life. The more balance, the smoother your life will roll. When a person... Continue Reading →

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