The Laws of Order (Time & Love)

I'm in that stage of parenting where you wake up one day and realize you've made it past the survival days, where the kids needed you for everything, only to realize that you're staring the teenage years in the face. There is something about this part of the journey that offers a crystallizing glance at... Continue Reading →

DO vs. BE

I'm grateful to have a wealth of mentors in my life. I am surrounded by people who have wisdom and are willing to share it. Real leaders. People who do all sorts of things. Young and old. Men and women. Rich and poor. Their relationships help me do what I do. Last night, I was... Continue Reading →

Four Ways To Ruin Your Life

My name is John White, and I had the honor to serve four terms in the Ohio House of Representatives. During my service, my focus was to encourage Ohio's faith communities to partner with state and local governments to help solve the most difficult social problems facing our state. The following experience gave me a... Continue Reading →

Trust Is A Must

  I recently enrolled in an improv class. Improv (short for improvisation) is a state of being and creating action without pre-planning. Commercially, improv is taught mainly as a comedic art-form. My first class, I stepped on the stage and the lights were shining bright in my eyes. Anxiety took over my body and my... Continue Reading →

Stand. Listen. Love.

We have a bedtime routine with my one-year- old daughter, Helen. She gets a bath, a bottle, we rock and then she is laid in her crib for the night to go to sleep. This nighttime regimen was created when she was a newborn after plenty of reading and years of previous parenting experience, where my husband and... Continue Reading →

Flight Connection

Airports are places full of people. People of different cultures. People of different race, age and gender. All on an unique journey Recently, I was in the Chicago airport and had an experience that caused me to reflect on building community. 45 minutes until boarding time, I sat in my seat and typed on my... Continue Reading →

The Power of a Story

I finished another successful training. I'm very fortunate to work doing what I love, working with people to change our mindset about poverty. I came home to my family after a long day that included a poverty simulation with community leaders. Most evenings, I debrief with my husband and he asks the typical question "How... Continue Reading →

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