Do We?

Communities are relationships. We have a tendency not to think of communities that way, because of the corporate identity that they assume (or inherit, willing and unwillingly alike), but it’s simple -- communities, just like relationships, require communication. Communication that’s sincere and honest requires trust. Do we trust our communities? Do we trust each other... Continue Reading →

Dying To Live A Life Abundant

I didn’t want to write this blog. It would be easy to make an excuse like writer’s block, when, in reality, I was probably just trying to avoid the message that kept coming to me. In my life, I’ve found that most years offer a theme, a life lesson, if we’re conscious enough to hear... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Community

As a small child, my favorite thing about the holidays were the gifts. I was always excited to reveal the surprises under the Christmas tree and I would spend time weeks before writing my wishlist of toys. Today, it’s a little different. I am growing up some and my perspective of the holidays has started... Continue Reading →

Moving From ME to WE

As I drove in between the stone pillars and up the long drive, I couldn't help but think -- this was not our typical spot for meetings...the country club. I am used to conference rooms, church basements and coffee shops for meetings in my line of work. I was the first to arrive. A hostess... Continue Reading →

You’re Not The Only One

One of the hardest things in a relationship is to remember that you're not the only one in it. It seems like a simple concept, something that you and I should totally be aware of, because, hey, a relationship means that's it 'not just me'. There's someone else in the room that is attached to... Continue Reading →

The Lonely Islands

A think piece cultivated from the upcoming book Radical Alliances by John White. - "Of all the places you have traveled in the world, which is the most impoverished?" The little nun from Albania considered the question which had been posed by the reporter in front of her. She'd sacrificed everything and moved to Calcutta, devoting... Continue Reading →

The Laws of Order (Time & Love)

I'm in that stage of parenting where you wake up one day and realize you've made it past the survival days, where the kids needed you for everything, only to realize that you're staring the teenage years in the face. There is something about this part of the journey that offers a crystallizing glance at... Continue Reading →

DO vs. BE

I'm grateful to have a wealth of mentors in my life. I am surrounded by people who have wisdom and are willing to share it. Real leaders. People who do all sorts of things. Young and old. Men and women. Rich and poor. Their relationships help me do what I do. Last night, I was... Continue Reading →

Four Ways To Ruin Your Life

My name is John White, and I had the honor to serve four terms in the Ohio House of Representatives. During my service, my focus was to encourage Ohio's faith communities to partner with state and local governments to help solve the most difficult social problems facing our state. The following experience gave me a... Continue Reading →

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