After the Storm

This was the second time I had been part of a relief mission after a storm. The first was over half a lifetime ago. I had just finished my junior year of high school and received an invitation to participate in some cleanup and restoration work in the southern tip of Florida.  There, a community... Continue Reading →

Survival Mode

I wasn’t feeling well, not like the kind of “under the weather” that a cup of tea and rest would remedy... more like, I’m not sure I can talk or get out of bed sort of sick. But life wasn’t stopping and I had responsibilities—so I decided to push through. Feeling determined, I left for... Continue Reading →

Waiting to Be Developed

I was in my late twenties when I was exposed to the idea of greenfield and brownfield development. Never having formal training on urban planning or economic development, it took me some time to understand what was involved.  Simply put, greenfields include undeveloped land (in a city or rural area) that has never been built... Continue Reading →

Give Some Grace

I worked from the coffee shop today. I am an extrovert. My energy from being around people. This is usually great for my line of work, unless I have a bunch of projects to complete and my need to connect with people becomes a distraction. Write... research… emails… or people… I pick people every time.... Continue Reading →

Get Back Up

  “I'd like a do-over for 2018,” my husband says to me in his new raspy voice.  It was Groundhog Day and we'd barely made it off the starting block for the year. His comment caused me to pause. I guess things had been a little bumpy lately.  In fact, we had not until then... Continue Reading →

Surviving the storm

What's on my heart this month: On hurricanes and kids in poverty As I write, our hearts and prayers are with those in Florida who are picking up the pieces after Hurricane Irma. We probably all have friends or loved ones who hunkered down and weathered the storm, fearful for their homes, families, neighbors, and... Continue Reading →

An Operating System Gone Wrong

Not too long ago, I found myself paralyzed in the moment. In light of the everyday tragedies that fill our world, this was really just a blip on the radar -- however, in that moment, I was reminded of how dependent most of us have become on technology for our most basic everyday functioning.  ... Continue Reading →

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